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Personalized Introductions

The process with Monday at 8 is a process that is highly personalized.  As a result, our team of Matchmakers learn all about you and all about who you are looking for.  From there, we will introduce you to someone and schedule the Date on your behalf, around your schedule.


Step 1:

Contact a Monday at 8 Matchmaker and schedule a confidential consultation.


Step 2:

A Matchmaker will meet you over coffee or you come into our Denver office.  We learn more about you, your goals, and who you are looking for.  


Step 3:

Determine a package that works best for you.  We offer flexible packages that are tailored for each client, with our most popular option being the 12 Month option or the 6 Month option.  Each package exclusively comes with a set amount of hand-picked dates over the course of the Membership.  


Step 4:

Get ready to date!  We will determine your schedule each month and schedule your personalized Introductions around your schedule.  You will never have to miss an important family, work or social function.


Step 5:

Meet your Date over dinner, drinks, lunch or coffee.  Whatever you are most comfortable with!  We want you in your comfort zone on each date.


Step 6:

Report back to Monday at 8 how the Date went!  We value your feedback and it really helps with the Matchmaking process.