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The process with Monday at 8 is a process that is highly personalized.  It is also a process that is aimed to work around your professional schedule.  As a result, Monday at 8 Matchmaking will learn all about you, and who you are looking for.  From there, a Denver Matchmaker will introduce you to someone and schedule the Date on your behalf, around your busy schedule.  We will also receive your feedback after each coordinated Date.  



Step 1:

Contact a Monday at 8 Matchmaker and schedule a confidential consultation.


Step 2:

A Denver Matchmaker will connect with you promptly.  From there, we learn more about you, your goals, and who you are looking for.  We also see if the Matchmaking process is a good fit for both parties.


Step 3:

If accepted, your Denver Matchmaker will begin the Matchmaking process on your behalf, and you can typically expect your first Date within 1-2 weeks after the interview process.


Step 4:

We will inform you of your upcoming Date.  The Date will be coordinated on your behalf, around your busy schedule.  


Step 5:

Once your Date is confirmed:  

Meet each other over dinner, drinks, lunch or coffee (Dinner is a popular option, but we want you in your comfort zone).   Activity Dates can also be a fun and great way to connect on a first Date.  


Step 6:

Report back to Monday at 8 in respect to how the Date went!  If you are seeing each other again and want to see where it goes, we will freeze your Membership.  If not, we will hear your feedback and begin the search for your next respective Introduction.  





Denver Matchmaker Direct:  303-999-5520

E-Mail: info@Mondayat8.com