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Monday at 8 was founded in Denver, Colorado in the fall of 2011 with the intent of bringing people together for Love!  Our mission statement was simple:  Quality Introductions with a High Probability of Success.


Established in the heart of Denver, Monday at 8 Matchmaking and Dating only works with the most eligible singles in Denver Metro and the Colorado front range.  Not everyone is accepted as a client and all potential Members undergo a thorough initial interview process to determine if it is a good Match for both sides.  


Our Members are unique and diverse, but we actively work with individuals that are:  


1.  Relationship-Oriented

2.  Busy- with active and vibrant Social lives

3.  Looking to meet someone they are compatible with


Our Members have no trouble meeting people.  They just have not found the right one, yet.  Hopefully, Mondy at 8 can have the honor of introducing ou to that right person!



Monday at 8 Matchmaking and Dating Service for Career Professionals

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ABRIAN S.                            PATTY G.                  KATE S.                             JANET L.                                                                               Matchmaking Coordinator            Dating Events Host            Director of Matchmaking         Special Events Coordinator

The Monday at 8 Difference:


*Local-Highly Involved with the Community

*Background checks conducted

*100% Confidential

*Extensive and Active Database

*Matchmakers Conduct Personal Searches for Members- Highly Personalized

*Highly Accredited with the BBB

*24/7 Support

*Extensive Feedback After Each Introduction Provided

*Dates Scheduled Around Your Busy Schedule